Living Sacred Spaces

care for our common home.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the Faith for Earth initiative of the United Nations Environmental Program, along with the Global Catholic Climate Movement, diplomats from several countries, and charitable foundations, are partnering with us to expand the Living Chapel concept into a global interfaith movement of Living Sacred Spaces.

The programme aims to create positive environmental impacts on a large scale by facilitating the participation of community groups and the public in concrete environmental actions with measurable outcomes. It is also a peace-building programme: it elevates a universal core value, Care for Our Common Home, such that individuals, communities, and organizations of all faiths and backgrounds can unite around it and work together for positive environmental impact.

Each Living Sacred Space will be a hub for community-led environmental prayer and action. Our free, universally accessible online platform of guidelines and resources will assist community groups and families to create their own Living Sacred Spaces, following the core principles of serene harmony, biodiversity, and partnership with scientists and indigenous communities, which can be applied in any circumstance, from elaborate installations to the simplest small garden.

We are creating a proposed seven-year plan that will see Living Sacred Spaces created in significant religious sites, ecologically vulnerable hotspots, and political and cultural capitals, including Jerusalem, the Sahara desert, Mumbai, Manila, Great Barrier Reef, and the next World Youth Day.

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